Writing at Wainhouse

by Dave Michels

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve become an adjunct analyst at Wainhouse Research. That sparked a few questions, so here’s a handy reference iaq (infrequently asked questions).

Being independent is great, but firms offer a lot of benefits – like a brand name and end user interactions. While there are many successful and talented independent analysts (Blair, Jon, Zeus, Brent, and Sheila), most have previously worked at analyst firms – I wanted me some of that cred.

Why Wainhouse?
First and foremost, I really like WR – always have. The people I previously knew there the best were Andrew, Bill, and Ira – all very insightful and friendly. Also, we were able to strike an agreement. Most firms want exclusive focus. One said very clearly, “if you are writing about UC, you are writing for us.” Same for Twitter. I am not ready to give up my blog and other outlets – it was a tough chasm to cross.

Still Part of UCStrategies?
Absolutely. UCStrategies is a confederation of independent analysts and consultants. When someone takes a full time gig with a larger firm or vendor – out they go. Since, I’m only adjunct and still independent, I will continue posting at UCStrategies, participating in podcasts, and attending the UCSummit.

Other Sites?
I plan to continue posting at NoJitter and TalkingPointz – I intend to continue with InformationWeek and SearchUC though probably on a quarterly basis.

What’s the Coverage Area?
UC and Video.

I will close by conveying that I’m pretty excited about my association with such smart folks. My first WR group briefing was with Google regarding Chromebox for Meetings. It’s a relatively simple offering, but the conversation that ensued after the briefing was far more intriguing. Everyone shared a unique perspective and contributed a different piece of the puzzle.

I’m really looking forward to working with such a great team.

By the way, Wainhouse publishes a very nice and free newsletter called the Wainhouse Research Bulletin. Subscribe today.