Word is Getting Out on TalkingPointz

by Dave Michels

It’s a new brand.   It’s a new concept.

It takes time, but the word is getting out.

TalkingPointz Research reports are independent UC research that can be purchased ad-hoc, without a subscription.

Check out what InsideCTI says.

I like how it starts off with a “Recent Performance” section right after the “Executive Summary.” The reader will understand the currency of the information contained in the report, as well as a peek into the recent financial performance of the vendor…After all, a vendor could be a market leader but running on fumes — and that’s important information to know for any potential customer.

Obviously, the report covers the vendor’s existing product portfolio in detail, SWOT analysis, as well as an interesting “Common Sales Objections” section that any salesperson would find valuable.

But the coolest thing to come out of these reports is Michels’ own TalkingPointz UC Web diagram. Undoubtedly a spark of analyst genius!

The reports were also distributed to all members of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC). The feedback has been very positive and managed to provide new perspective and information even to industry insiders and professionals. These reports are not sponsored and include tips on how to both save money and make the most of a deployment.

Aastra report is progressing, and Lync is next.

Check out these short no-charge summaries:  Mitel and NEC

To purchase reports: click Mitel or NEC.