Where is the Green?


At the recent Enterprise Connect it is a great event to effectively see the whole industry – what’s new, shifts in direction, what’s hot, and what’s not. The trick is to separate compelling news from the noise makers.

I decided to get a bit more logical about the news graph my results this year. I reviewed the major announcements and plotted them against two criteria; Technical Significance and Potential Impact. Technical Significance represents the complexity of the announcement, I gave low scores for easy or expected; and higher scores for the more revolutionary or unexpected. As for Technical Impact, I gave lower scores where the impact or relevance is confined to a specific product or existing customer set and higher scores for news will likely impact larger portions of the industry including other vendors, customers, and/or channels.

With that I got the following chart – the high scores of each axis indicated with blue or yellow, and the magical intersection turns green just as my kindergarten teacher promised. The green represents where announcements were both revolutionary and impact-full. Off all the announcements made at Enterprise Connect 2011, six are Green Makers.


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Dave Michels