What if Adobe Flash is NSA Spyware?

by Colin Berkshire

What if the NSA’s super reliable and super secret way of getting into computers was Adobe Flash?

Flash is well known for being a big piece of unnecessary bloatware. And, it has full access to just about everything on your computer, from microphone and camera to all of your files. It is so gigantic that if it did contain spyware it would likely never be found. Flash would be the perfect delivery vehicle for NSA spyware. Everybody installs it on their computers.

I have pondered whether Steve Jobs’ resistance to Flash on IOS devices wasn’t that he knew something that he couldn’t share. He knew Flash was bad or evil, but US law or a court secrecy order may have prevented him from saying anything.

But he may also have said: I’m going to keep this nonsense off my new IOS platform.

Steve is rarely passionate without a lot of thinking and reasoning. Steve was passionate about killing Flash. The level of his passion on this topic is legendary. So it does get me to thinking, and to speculating.

I have no proof or inside information here.

But it does make a certain amount of sense, even if you aren’t a conspiracy theory person. It’s the perfect cross-platform vehicle for a Trojan horse or just outright spyware.

Flash is nearly totally unnecessary with HTML 5. Perhaps I can soon just delete it from my computer.