Weird Phones

by Colin Berkshire

Phones are getting really weird these days.

Some of the phones have screens on both sides. Some of them unfold to transform into a tablet. Some of them have pop-up selfie cameras

I saw one with a curved screen. Another had a screen that wrapped around the phone. One didn’t have a single connector on it. Another was so tiny it looked like a Halloween give away candy bar. Another was just a brick you kept in your pocket that talked to your watch. One set into a laptop and became the trackpad.

So many weird ideas.

Thank goodness we have Apple. Nice, safe, secure Apple. No new ideas at Apple. Just the same sleek executive phone they have been selling for the past five years…available in seven different (but nearly identical) but distinct models.

Isn’t it nice to have something that never changes, advances, or gets weird on you?