Week Lync

by Dave Michels

End of the year rush for me – this week I’m working on a white paper on the MS Lync SBAs – Where and how the five hardware partners differ in approach. If you have any thoughts on SBAs – drop me a line. I think it is one of the most compelling architectural features/enhancements in Lync 2010.

Did a post at Voice Report on Lync being a Game Changer or Not. Voice Report just moved from a subscription service to a free service. Good quality site. I also did a Lync for Me? post there in November.

Staying in town this holiday (but the kids are away), hopefully meeting up with Tom Cross at Lync Forum regarding the Lync summit in June 2011. .

ShoreTel put out an email blast positioning its products against Lync this morning. ShoreTel makes many fine products, but I don’t see the two, at least initially, as head to head competitors. You can see ShoreTel’s arguments here. I think it’s an interesting preview of the confusion about to ensue. While all of ShoreTel’s arguments are valid, in many cases, they are the same arguments Microsoft uses in its sales efforts. Seems like it could be a good time to be a consultant.