WebRTC All Hype?

by Dave Michels

The topic of WebRTC is getting a lot of attention lately. I can see why it is so exciting – effectively it will transform any web device into (for lack of better term) a UC endpoint via the web browser. Some people think WebRTC is a game changer. Personally, I’m not so convinced – I’m already in the trough of disillusionment. It has the potential to change everything, but 1) lots of things have the potential to change everything (including VoIP itself which after 12 years is still not universally deployed) and 2) BFD – installing a plugin hasn’t killed me yet.

I decided to reach out to some colleagues to hash this out a bit more in a Google Hangout (imagine – someday WebRTC could enable a Google Hangout like conversation without a web plugin – BFD).

On the hangout is:

Kevin Keiller of EnableUC. Kevin is part of the UC Strategies team and caught my attention with his post on NoJitter: Is WebRTC Really the Cat’s Pajamas?

Tsahi Levent-Levi who I still associate with RADVISION, but he left that firm quite some time ago. Tsahi has become a WebRTC advocate in various venues, particularly his blog Bloggeek.me where he has been focusing on WebRTC.

Thomas Howe of Embrase who has passion for voice, disruption, development, and teaching. Thomas is excited about WebRTC as both a technology and as a game changer and is in the process of changing his game to make the most of it.

Referenced in the video is “How WebRTC Will Upend the World” by Erik Lagerway.

For additional information see: “Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About WebRTC