V&riz@n’s net$w(k iz starti&g to s*uck

by Colin Berkshire

Colin here:

Most of our folks have switched over to T-Mobile these days. They have free unlimited data worldwide* and that’s just compelling for a global operation like ours. Now that T-Mobile has WiFi calling, there are no dead-spots in homes or offices if you have WiFi access. (Brilliant!)

I’ve stayed on Verizon because their network has been better, and I just can’t tolerate any level of dropped calls or spotty coverage. Verizon is the least friendly, most expensive carrier I know of in the US, but their network has been good.

Well, the Verizon network is falling apart.

It seems to often take two rings in the caller’s ear before my Verizon phone even rings on my end. I know of a few other Verizon users and they are reporting the same thing. So I am starting to think Verizon has done something bad for its users. (Verizon philosophy: Anything good for customers must be bad for us.)

So I get only two or three rings on my phone before the caller hangs up. I am not fond of this.

Verizon touts their “Advanced Calling” features. The sales pitch is simultaneous voice and data (finally!) and HD audio. This is a free “upgrade”.

After using Verizon Advanced Calling for a while I begged them to turn it off. With Advanced Calling Verizon dropped more calls than even AT&T. Their coverage had massive gaps (where my phone would not fall back to CDMA.) Audio was choppy and broken often (this never happened on the obsolete Verizon network.) The experience was like the worst of AT&T.

OK, so Verizon takes a couple of rings before they ring your phone, you get cut off a lot, and the audio is choppy. Who cares when we talk on the phone less and less? Aren’t they great for the data network, which is what most of us use?

Once upon a time in what now seems like a fairy-tale Verizon touted speeds of 45 megabits per second. Those times are gone. I now regularly see speeds of 0.3 megabits per second, and if I get one or two megabits I feel I have their very best.

Verizon wants to sell you a 10 Gigabit data plan, but I just dare you to get that much out of their network. Movies and video will be choppy. Coverage gaps mean you are once again searching for WiFi at restaurants. Clearly, they have joined the game of selling a vision that is disconnected from reality.

I genuinely used to like Verizon. I never complained about paying their higher prices. But why would I pay their higher price if their network sucks so much?

My wife is on T-Mobile and she has reliable crystal clear calls throughout our home because T-Mobile has WiFi calling. Meanwhile, Verizon (which used to be good) has black spots throughout the house. Our basement used to have a strong Verizon signal and now on Advanced Calling it has nothing (it shows a strong signal, but calls just don’t ring in.)

Verizon sucks. (My opinion.)