Vonage R&D

by Dave Michels

I did what many call an SAS Day (actually two) with Vonage R&D in Israel.

What’s an SAS Day? No one really knows. It’s actually a Gartner term that stands for Strategy Advisory Session. The phrase “SAS day” is used casually by many to describe vendor/analyst sessions. The formats are variable – some present, some listen, and some (like Vonage) do both.

Israel is home of the Vonage Business Communications (VBC) app. VBC represents a big part of Vonage’s transformation from a consumer brand to a business communications provider that owns and controls its own stack. VBC is the single app that spans UCaaS, CCaaS, meetings, and messaging. I love what Vonage is doing, and the enthusiasm of which they do it.  The team was extremely open and genuinely wanted feedback on their plan to transform and improve enterprise communications. Tel Aviv is also the home of Vonage AI R&D.

It was my first time to Israel, and it was quite filling (spiritually and gastronomically).

They have a lot to be excited about. Their CC has one of the best integrations with SFDC and is being used by large CCaaS customers. The UCaaS and video solutions are simultaneously new and mature, and the home grown team meeting solution has come together very quickly.

Here’s a short video from my visit. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t great, so I couldn’t do the Tel Aviv background that I wanted without being a silhouette. Big thanks to Vonage for a wonderful visit.