Visit to Spectralink (photos)

by Dave Michels

Just prior to the Boulder Floods, I visited the Spectralink office in Boulder. Note Spectralink, not SpectraLink. I wrote about the experience on NoJitter. Below are some pictures from my field trip.

IMG_20130911_135845This was the one photo I took from my Nexus phone – you can tell by the light that something was coming, who knew it was a 1000 year storm, and a 100 year flood.


Thor’s hammer on the CEO’s desk – note blonde Scandinavian wood desktop.


Cube layout on the 3rd floor – light woods, simple, elegant – very Scandinavian.


The Story of Spectralink: Artwork on the wall. told in the style of legendary Danish story writer – Hans Christian Anderson.


New ads? Super Spectralink breaking-out from Clark Polycom Kent’s clothes

SONY DSCDanish Hoptimists. These are the contemporary and politically correct version of the dashboard Hula Girls of the past.

SONY DSCLobby, note the new logo.