Vidyo Nailing Healthcare

by Dave Michels

Just about every enterprise comms company claims to have vertical strategies, and invariably those verticals are government, education, and healthcare. Unfortunately, what typically defines a vertical strategy is a collection of similar customers and/or a marketing focus.

This is what I look for in a vertical strategy:

  • Specific product features or capabilities that were created/optimized for the vertical.
  • An ecosystem of integrated solutions also optimized for the vertical.
  • A feedback mechanism to understand said vertical.
  • Action and commitment to foster the community, not just to increase sales to it.

This is what Vidyo is doing in healthcare. Note the word healthcare, not Telehealth. Video and virtual technologies are no longer a fringe experiment in healthcare, but mainstream. And, this is partially attributed to Vidyo.

My last conference of the year was the Vidyo Healthcare Summit (#VidyoHCS). It’s truly moving to learn how modern communications technologies are being used to save and better lives. I’m all for making work meetings more collaborative, but this was a whole different level.