Verizon’s Reasonable International Plan

by Colin Berkshire

I have been doing a lot of international traveling lately. And, I am a couple of days in one country and a couple of days in another country. This makes it a nuisance to constantly be changing SIM chips and phone numbers.

So I decided to try Verizon’s $10 a day international roaming plan. It’s not a terrible deal.

You sign up for the program. (It costs nothing.) I don’t know why everybody doesn’t get it by default, perhaps Verizon just takes delight in charging people $20,000 for a few days overseas. I bet those customer support calls are fun.

Once you are on the program it is $10 a day when you are outside the United States or Canada or Mexico. This is a true 24 hour day, not until midnight. You are billed the $10 whether you use your phone or not, as long as it is registered with the overseas network.

But what is great is that all calls within the country you are in are free. All calls back to the United States are free. All calls from the US to you are free. And best of all: All of your overseas data is billed on your normal data plan. I have something like 18 GB or 20 GB of data on my domestic plan, and I can use ALL of it internationally now. And, the data is LTE speed, too. If you are doing a lot of country hopping, the Verizon plan isn’t a bad deal. It will never cost you more than $300 a month. And, if you don’t use it then it will cost you nothing at all.

I am loath to compliment Verizon. But I have to admit that this time I think they got it right.

And, it’s interesting to experience speeds overseas which are much, much faster than they are on Verizon domestically.