Verizon Gets Aggressive with Customers

by Colin Berkshire

Verizon has sent out a letter to thousands of customers telling them that they are being cut off, and that they have a month to find another carrier. Apparently, those customers spend too much time off the Verizon Wireless network.

This is bizarre.

These are Verizon customers who MUST roam onto another carrier because Verizon hasn’t chosen to build towers in their area. Because Verizon hasn’t built out their network in these rural areas, they refuse to allow their customers roam onto other tower operators that are in their area.

If Verizon has frequency licenses that allow them to build towers in these areas, those frequency licenses should be immediately terminated. Verizon should not be allowed to hold frequency licenses, refuse to build out an area, and cut off customers because there isn’t coverage.

Verizon should also be prohibited from receiving ANY Universal Service Fun money. (They currently receive hundreds of millions dollars a year, I understand.) The Universal Service Fund is to subsidize rural service so that service is universally available. If Verizon is going to misbehave to this extend, they should be disqualified from the entire Universal Service Fund throughout the United States.