Upcoming Conference: Lync User Summit

by Dave Michels

The Lync User Summit will be taking place this June in Colorado – conveniently close to home. I will be presenting a keynote presentation titled “Lync: The UnAuthorized Roadmap.”

It is a fun concept for a presentation. Microsoft has not formally revealed anything about Lync’s roadmap. Unless you are an insider, it would be pretty easy to conclude that Lync 2010 is the finished product. I don’t have any inside information – and if I did, I would be under a Microsoft Non Disclosure Agreement. So I’ve been putting together what I think they are working on – or at least what they should be working on.

It’s actually been pretty fun. I’ve been asking several customers and engineers their opinions and there are indeed some bang head here patterns emerging. I’ve also found a few engineers that are clearly under NDA. They turn white immediately and then switch to safe topics. Something is brewing, and I have some ideas what they better be.

I attended this Lync Conference last year and was impressed with the crowd and sponsors. This is not a Microsoft hosted conference, so there is no Kool-Aid on the menu.


Sponsors include Gold Systems, Snom, AudioCodes, Actiance, Aastra, and others.

Now here is what is cool about Telecom. I had a meeting with Gold Systems recently which culminated in a guitar duo with CEO Terry Gold and my son. I just finished a project involving AudioCodes SBA devices, love my new Snom shirt “IP Phones Too Cool to Ignore!”, and I am attending the Aastra User Group conference as I write this post.

I am also pleased to report that I now have three (3) conferences on my calendar that are close to home. Digium’s Astricon (October) will be at this same Westin and practically across the street is the Omni, home of GlueCon taking place later in May. It was that Omni that during defrag last November that I covertly monitored the live steaming of the NY Lync Launch (and the notepad of roadmap items began). It is great that more conferences are coming to the Boulder area.