Undoing the UnCarrier

by Colin Berkshire

With John gone, T-Mobile is sliding back into being a regular ol carrier.

My biggest gripe is that the information on their website contradicts itself. It will state that “Stateside Calling” calls are 20₵ a minute in the feature description but then you will be charged 25₵ per minute. I researched this a bit and it appears that T-Mobile had an “Update” and the rate changed to 25₵ but they forgot to update their web site or billing descriptions. At T-Mobile the term “update” frequently means price increase. In order to get regulatory approval for their merger with Sprint, they agreed to stop using the term “price increase,” but there’s no restrictions on updates. 

They actually charge you 25₵.

But that isn’t confusing enough. Their Stateside Calling Information Panel shows that calls to mobile Phones in Japan are just 7₵ a minute.

I could go on and on about how T-Mobile contradicts itself throughout its website including their Terms & Conditions, and how how their billing system overcharges.

You would think that a company the size of  T-mobile could hire just one person to proof their website and ensure that it gives correct information. But perhaps all of these contradictions are what allow T-Mobile to look innocent on all of the billing errors because they can point to one page that shows what they are charging and the customer has a difficult time going back to the original page that gave contradictory information.

I really hate the non-forthright, games and tricks, excessively complicated, cheating way of doing business that is so rampant in telecom. John Legere was a refreshing change. It was fun having somebody that was customer-centric in charge.