UCStrategies Podcasts

by Dave Michels

I cross-link most of my posts on other sites here, but have not been particularly reliable with my podcasts on UCStrategies.com.

Almost weekly I participate in a UCStrategies.com podcast. The podcasts are filed under Industry Buzz, which includes many topics and interviews. The UC Expert Podcast isn’t easily sorted, so instead of hunting through the website, you can try this Google search link.

The UC Experts includes the folks that regularly contribute to the site. It’s basically an informal chat on some recent UC topic. They are usually fun and interesting. The participants vary slightly, but core format is hosted by Jim Burton with participants Blair Pleasant, Marty Parker, Michael Finneran, and myself. Frequent contributors include Russell Bennett, Art  Rosenburg, Don Van Doren, and Steve Leaden.

What’s really nice about these podcasts is UCStrategies transcribes the content. That means you don’t have to listen – you can read and search.