UC Summit Podcasts

by Dave Michels

At the recent UC Summit, I recorded 5 podcasts.

At Enterprise Connect, I brought with me my kid’s MP3 recorder he uses with music. I used as an aid to note taking and assured each one I met with that the recordings would be kept private. I regretted that as some of these folks were quite elegant and say things better than I can write.

So this time I planned to borrow the recorder again and do some interviews at the Summit. But I forgot it. No problem – I just went to the Android Marketplace and downloaded an app for that. I ended up using Hi-Q MP3 which his free for recordings less than 15 minutes. Another industry the cell phone will kill. The software worked quite well.

Generally, these are short interviews discussing topics covered at the event. UCStrategies likes to transcribe the podcasts for search engines and skimming – the full text is also on each page.

The interviews are all posted on UCStrategies.com – the host of the event.

There were two other keynotes: Avaya and Microsoft, but their spokesperson’s disappeared before I had a chance to corner them.