UC Resolutions

by Dave Michels

Happy 2015! It’s a new year, not just another month. Good time to think about how this year will be different, and more importantly how we (you) will make it better. Here’s a few things to consider (resolutions?) for making it a great year.

1) No More Lists

B) Be Consistent

7) Learn to Count

Ok, seriously now.

  • No Faxes (again) in 2015
  • Encrypt Communications Where Possible
  • Think before hitting Reply-All
  • No more OoO messages simply because you are out of the office
  • Reduce/Eliminate Audio only conferences-  use more video
  • Evaluate new forms of collaboration
  • HD! Audio and Video – this is afterall about resolution(s)

Remember that actual, personal calls are rare and should be treated with respect. If a customer calls, don’t just say “your call is important to us,” but believe it. Act on it. When a friend leaves a voice mail, listen to it – hear inflection and note the personal effort. It’s hard with all the telemarketing and other annoyances to realize that personal calls are an endangered act.

Happy 2015. May it be filled with collaborative and positive communications.