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Television just isn’t what it used to be.

TV used to command our attention and unite our society. Most of my generation grew up with a handful of decent channels. Everyone watched certain hits – Happy Days, Six Million Dollar Man, Mork and Mindy – the list is long. We all watched the shows and it brought us a shared experience as a community – a common language. One of the most watched shows ever (to this day) was Roots. getsmart-150x150

Look at these common expressions many of us still use today – all from one show 45 years ago! Get Smart.

  • Would you believe…
  • The old ____(elaborate name)___ trick, 2nd time I fell for it this week.
  • And Loving it!
  • Sorry about that Chief
  • Missed it by that much
  • I asked you not to tell me that

Those “golden” days are gone as TV doesn’t have the monopoly it once had. It self diluted with 100s of channels, the Internet provides many entertainment alternatives, the DVR reduced the importance of timing, and TV just isn’t as hip as it once was.

But this is a telecom blog.

I got to thinking about all the great telecom in childhood TV and how many of those technologies became real. Communications has been an important part of both our reality and our fantasies. No wonder our cell phones are so important to us – we’ve been fantasizing about them for decades.

So I put together a collection for NoJitter; 10 UC Pioneers from the Small Screen. I had fun with it – I hope it brings a smile to your face. Actually, it was NoJitter’s new slide show feature that inspired it.

Batman and Get Smart remain favorite shows for me. They both have a great view on technology, good comedy, and are simply entertaining. It’s particularly fun to watch them with my kids. I honestly don’t know what shows from their generation they will watch with their kids.

I tried to keep the post contained to the 60s and 70s. As a result there were some great shows that didn’t make the list. Most recently 24 has great tech, the original Knight Rider, the movie DieHard (the villain Theo sports a Plantronics headset in most scenes).

Let me know if you think I missed any great telecom in TV shows.

10 UC Pioneers from the Small Screen

Dave Michels