Try 5G LTE Today

by Colin Berkshire

Tired of your battery running down? Tired of constantly dropped calls? Want better coverage, especially in outlying areas? If you are having these problems…

Consider “5G LTE”.

Go to your carrier settings on your phone. Turn OFF 5G and choose LTE:

I know you were all excited to get 5G. You wanted to download entire DVDs in a few seconds. You paid for a fancy 5G phone. And, you like showing your friends the 5G logo.

But it has been my experience that for most people:\

  • 5G uses battery far faster
  • 5G coverage is worse
  • 5G has more dropped calls
  • 5G is not faster
  • 5G doesn’t even have less latency, usually.

In short, you got sold a bill of goods.

So the next time your call gets dropped on 5G, just go over and turn it OFF. If your experience is like mine, dropped calls will be a thing of the past.

I have been doing a lot of Speedtest’s (by Okla) and I have been quite surprised to find that 5G speeds are no faster than LTE speeds. They are usually the same.

Some day, 5G may offer better coverage and better speeds. But that day doesn’t seem to be now.

And, when you think about it, why do you need speeds faster than about 2 megabits on your phone? Isn’t reliable service more important? Isn’t the ability to hold a conversation without it dropping, or being able to watch a YouTube video more important than downloading the Encyclopedia Britannica in 20 seconds?

5G sucks!