Time To Re-Invent the Phone


Many people seem ready to shove the desktop phone off the edge of the earth, but not very many actually do it. The problem is its a multiple choice question without the right answers:

What to use for voice at the desk?
A) Desktop Phone
B) Softphone
C) Mobile Phone

Desk phones are obsolete and limited, softphones are feature rich, but require a logged-in desktop computer (and a headset), and cell phones require a full charge and a strong signal (neither of which can be assumed).

The answer I believe we want isn’t a current choice:
D) A new desktop phone.

The choices are largely recycled old ideas, it’s time to start over and create something compelling.

A desktop phone that reflects current technology and user expectations. Although the modern VoIP phone shares few components with its ancestors, the typical user would not know it. The curly corded device on the desk offers the same basic user experience as it did in 1950.

I put forth some ideas for re-invention on NoJitter. Of them, is making the next generation of desktop phones more cell friendly. The cell phone is king right now, and the desktop phone must assume its role as our second favorite phone. The cell phone is here to stay – so rather than ignore it, the desktop phone could actually acknowledge it and maybe even embrace it.

Starting with more protection from cellular interference, add in some USB charger ports so I have a place to dock/charge my cell phone, and I would also like some tighter integration between the two. That could be as simple as allowing me to use my speaker (big speaker) or handset with my cell phone or possibly even access my cell phone contacts from my desk phone.

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Dave Michels