Three Twitter Feeds (follow me)

by Dave Michels

I maintain three separate Twitter feeds for news you can use.  There is very little duplication between the accounts.

@DaveMichels is my personal feed. I used to include lots of telecom stuff too, but since I created @TalkingPointz, my feed tends to be less focused on telecom news and more general telecom and high-tech thoughts, links, and opinions.  This account is me, so its more likely to get personal responses. I scan and read a lot of news and to share articles of interest.

@TalkingPointz is my uber tele-newsbot feed. It scans all the major telecom news sites and tweets on news and events from across the industry – NoJitter, UCStrategies, Fierce, Business Insider, Telecom Reseller, Tech Target, and more. I also insert interesting telecom news oriented pieces from other sites including GigaOm, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and wherever else I see them. If you have suggestions on sources I should include on this feed, just let me know. I try to keep the feed very telecom/enterprise communications focused  preventing some sites from automated inclusion. I often manually include relevant posts when I see them.  (Related: Facebook).

@CIOCollab. As the community manager of the new CIOCollaborationNetwork, I keep an out for industry news and conversations specifically related to collaboration. My Unified Communications (@TalkingPointz) and Collaboration (@CIOCollab) have conceptual overlaps, but @TalkingPointz tends to be more industry oriented and @CIOCollab tends to be more end user oriented. For example, if you want to know which vendors announced what this week, it will be on @TalkingPointz, while @CIOCollab is more likely to cover organizational policies and adoption angles. (Related: Facebook and LinkedIn)

There is some overlap as appropriate, but for the most part the feeds are different.