They Are Dead Jim

by Dave Michels

I read lots of serious stuff. But sometimes I come across serious stuff that strikes me as nonsensical. Really?!

So I come across this serious article about how research at John Hopkins University concluded that the warp engines on the Enterprise (any of the Enterprises) would kill all passengers on board. Really?

I posted my initial thoughts here on Examiner.

Combined with the recent news of Patrick Stewart being knighted by the Queen – it stirred some Trek emotions (yes, contrary to popular belief, I am not Vulcan).

Now, I was never really a hardcore treky, but I can hold my own in most reasonable conversations on the topic. And I know that that these researchers at John Hopkins are full of crap.

I remember when I my neighbors got a microwave oven. The fact that it made food hot in seconds wasn’t the magical mystery… it was that the microwave oven itself didn’t get hot. My neighbor told me he would make something in it so hot it could not be touched, and he would then touch each wall of the oven without burning his hand. It defied all known logic.

I can’t predict the future, but I know not to apply presently known science to future fiction.

By the way, somewhat unusual movie but very clever is Free Enterprise.