The Prophecy of Meraki

by Dave Michels

I like to prognosticate around the end of the year, but sometimes the signs (omens) just can’t wait. I am referring of course to the Prophecy of Meraki, or Cisco’s Wi-Fi from the clouds.

I’ve always liked Meraki, I think the concept makes a lot of sense. But it’s over. Meraki is unlikely to see 2015. How do I know this? Elementary, I refer to the recent Cisco World Wide Partner Summit. From the Cisco Blog: Midmarket Push at Partner Summit: New Cloud Managed Services:

Since our acquisition of Meraki in late 2012, you have heard us talking about the midmarket and new opportunities for channel partners and customers. I’m pleased to say that today, at the Cisco Partner Summit in Boston, we have some exciting updates for you. Specifically, we’ll focus on our Made for Midmarket portfolio which includes a range of new product offerings, services and solutions designed for midsize customers.

All great news. Then came the death knell. Cisco gave away a Meraki router to all attendees. It may seem benign, but this is not an act of generosity, it is an act of execution.

  1. In 2009, attendees of this same conference received a complimentary Flip video camera. Then, April 2011, The End: Cisco Shuts down Flip, a $590 Million Mistake
  2. In 2011, Cisco provided a Cisco Cius Tablet to all attendees. Then, May 2012, Cisco Kills its Cius Tablet, Blaming BYOD

Never look at a gift horse in the mouth unless you want to see decay. RIP Meraki, you had so much potential.