The Huddle Storm of 2019

by Dave Michels

Digital transformation is not something you buy. That’s bad news for a lot of vendors, because it seems to be what a lot of companies are selling. Digital transformation more about the journey than the destination. There was a time when we rented movies at a store, now we stream them. There wasn’t a single decision or purchase that did it, but it happened.

The same logic applies to meeting rooms. The whiteboard has given way to an HD display – the best of both worlds is a touchscreen. A display is necessary because the content we share is likely to be on a computer. We also need good telephonics because it’s likely at least some of the participants will be remote. Since we have a good display and sound, why not have a camera?

Repeat for all meeting locations.  There’s simply no excuse not to. Luckily – we got the goods. Huddle rooms are the exciting endpoints these days.

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