The Coronavirus and Remote Work

by Dave Michels

The vast majority of Americans don’t have Coronavirus and want to keep it that way. As a result, there’s a lot plans, attitudes, and policies rapidly changing. Washing hands, reducing travel, and avoiding crowds may not be enough.

The result is new interest and demand for remote work solutions. I’ve gathered an elite team of experts to discuss the intersection of medical safety and the Coronavirus. In about 30 minutes, we cover if this situation is different than previous spikes, how long this demand might last, and how to implement remote work successfully.

This speaker panel features: Zeus Kerravala (Twitter/LinkedIn), Andrew Davis (LinkedIn), Joe Manuele (Twitter/LinkedIn), and me as your host (Twitter/LinkedIn). Note: A collaborative discussion with all remote participants.

Workplaces should have plans that focus on preparation, not fear. Currently, COVID-19 cases are still rare in the US, but growing quickly. The CDC has said the current risk in the US from the virus is low, but encourages employers to develop plans in case the virus becomes more widespread.