The “C” Word


There are plenty of C words known as the “C word.”

  • Communications
  • There is “bitch” with a capital C
  • Cancer

But more and more, the C word – even the UC word is becoming Collaboration.

At the recent Enterprise Connect conference the incessant recurring theme of “collaboration” interrupted a lot of important conversations about communications

Not long ago, not being in the office (hours, days, weeks) was a valid excuse for work flow disruptions. Faxes would sit unread, paper unprocessed or signed, meetings delayed, presentations missed. It certainly wasn’t great, but it was an unavoidable reality, like a sick day. Somewhere along the way, during VoIP, UC, and recession; the norm changed. The single most important communications imperative today is effective distributed collaboration. We live in a knowledge economy, and the knowledge isn’t coming to the office anymore.

The focus on collaboration isn’t just a technology update–like analog to digital or digital to VoIP. It is the consequence of change in the way we work, or more specifically where we work. The new thrust around collaboration isn’t due to a technical breakthrough, but rather a social one. Technologies need to be adapted and repackaged. What makes collaboration so compelling is It represents the nexus of unified communications, the cloud, mobility, consumerization, and social networks.

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Dave Michels