Telecom: The Next Generation

by Colin Berkshire

I will say again, there are five things needed to be standardized in order to launch a new generation of telecommunications:

Here is a list of the features I think we MUST HAVE for the next generation of communications:

  1. An open standard that can be implemented on the server and client side.
  2. The ability to seamlessly transition between text-chat to voice-call to video-call as needed.
  3. Persistent sessions that may span days or long periods of time.
  4. Transferable sessions that can be transferred from one agent to another (on either end). A session is much like a technical support “case” that can be handed off.
  5. Archiving capability (on either end) for service monitoring, legal compliance, or personal records.

Once these are standardized and in place, I believe the telecommunications industry will go through one of the largest transformations in it’s 150 year history.