Talkz Show #1

by Dave Michels

My first TalkingPointz podcast. In case you hadn’t noticed, I like to talk about enterprise communications. I do so on the near-weekly UCStrategies podcasts, I’ve hosted several video interviews and even Blabs. But I’ve never actually created a TalkingPointz podcast. The impetus to do so came from Kevin Kieller (Enable UC). Now despite the fact that Kevin is almost wrong about everything, it actually seemed like a reasonable idea.

Kevin and I came up with the idea of talking about whatever others are talking about. At the time, the theme was year end reflections and predictions. We decided to do a podcast giving our three cents on these posts:

  1. Zeus’s top 10 stories of 2015 on NoJitter.
  2. Top 10 Stories that Dominated 2015, Katherine Finnel on SearchUC
  3. Five Technology Trends to Watch in 2015 by Irwin Lazaar on SearchUC
  4. Four Predictions for UC in 2016 by Eugenia Corrales on NoJitter

So in one convenient podcast you can hear the opinion of six pundits.

This is was, as indicated in the title, the first (or more planned) attempts at podcasting. If you have any suggestions on tools for editing, sharing, and syndicating, I’d appreciate it. We decided to go with audio-only instead of video because it seems popular to listen to these things will driving or doing something on the go. We did use to record the audio. I intended to use Microsoft Movie Maker to edit the file, but I couldn’t get it to work. I also tried Audible to edit, but it didn’t support Zoom’s M4A audio file format. As a result, this file is largely unedited, and a bit too long. I will have this nailed by Talkz Time #4, but could use some suggestions on tools. Also SoundCloud was selected somewhat randomly. We do plan to make more of these, so suggestions welcome.