TalkingPointz Uber TeleNewsfeed

by Dave Michels

One place to view all the news.

On this blog, Twitter, and Facebook, TalkingPointz is regularly posting news feeds from across the VoIP, UC, telecom industry. This is a work in progress and please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Current sources include:

I also add posts from TalkingPointz as well as interesting news items I come across.

Viewing this feed can keep you posted on what’s hot. I have not added vendor blogs, but open to it. The basic requirement is the content needs to be focused on business communications. That’s tricky – I’ve skipped or removed several feeds that don’t follow that rule. That’s why TMC is missing – complaints about political posts. Politics, wine, and most commonly general IT keeps a feed off the list.

Links are unedited and refer directly to the source. I plan to keep adding more, please send suggestions.