TalkingPointz Research on Digium’s Switchvox

by Dave Michels

A new TalkingPointz Report! I had intended to write these more frequently, but got wrapped up in some full time projects. I do plan to get more of these posted regularly though, starting today. I am pleased to announce that I’ve posted a new report on Digium Switchvox.

While prior TalkingPointz research reports were focused on enterprise solutions, this one dives into the SMB market. There are lots of SMB solutions out there, and it is a hard market to establish a brand. Additionally, so much of the SMB experience is based on the dealer. Nonetheless, each vendor offers very unique solutions – this one for example is based upon open source which confuses many. 

Digium’s Switchvox is an impressive package that simplifies the UC experience for both administrators and users. Underneath the hood, Switchvox is powered by Asterisk. This means core call processing is both an independent and a robust offering (though tightly integrated). As a result, the vast majority of the R&D for Switchvox relates to its interface – and it shows! For example, Switchvox SMB includes the Switchboard “client” for each user.  This is a robust and customizable web-based UC applet to manage and configure conversations.

Digium has created a highly robust solution with Switchvox:

  • Appliance
  • Web based services for admin and clients
  • Mobile clients
  • SIP first – carriers and endpoints, but supports legacy with integrated hardware
  • Integrated UC features such as call recording, contact center, unified messaging, presence, and even “supports” video.
  • SIP based phones with rich phonetop applications

The report offers information on Digium and Asterisk, but focuses mostly on Switchvox as their all-in-one UC solution for organizations with less than 300 users.  It includes some history, some direction, and most importantly an 8 page SWOT. Every solution has its strengths and weaknesses – the trick is in understanding them before committing. This report includes the TalkingPointz UC Web diagram and criteria optimized for the SMB market.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary. 3
UC Market Overview.. 4
Digium Overview.. 5
Current Digium Portfolio. 6
Communications Platforms: Asterisk Ÿ Asterisk SCF Ÿ Switchvox Ÿ Switchvox at a Glance
About Open Source. 7
The TalkingPointz UC Web SMB. 9
Switchvox 5.5 and the TalkingPointz UC Web for SMB. 10
Voice Ÿ Clients/Endpoints Ÿ Contact Center Ÿ IM/Presence Ÿ Mobility Ÿ Messaging Ÿ Videoconferencing Ÿ Conferencing
Common Sales Objections. 14
SWOT Analysis. 17
Purchasing. 26
Reference Accounts. 28
Final Thoughts. 29
Appendix 1: Digium Company Information. 30
Company Timeline. 30
Company Organization. 30
Company Management. 31
Ownership. 32
Digium Board of Directors. 32
Appendix 2: UC Vendor Landscape. 33
Appendix 3: Business-Oriented Open Source Projects


Additional information about Switchvox and the report, see this 2 page highlights and Summary.

The report is available for purchase ($750) and download here.

It can be hard for an IT manager or small business owner to find objective information on such a mission critical purchase as business unified communications. SMB users have very different needs and requirements than enterprises.