TalkingPointz Gets a New Look

by Dave Michels

My first blog post on “this site” was in October 2007. Back then, the site was called PinDropSoup. A reference that few people understand today. Like all websites, TalkingPointz has gone through numerous revisions such as the move from Blogger to WordPress, the rebranding to TalkingPointz, and the launch of a content store. 

Today, TalkingPointz is new again. In addition to a new look, the site now has a paywall. That may not sound like an upgrade, but it is. Of course, there already was a paywall, but it was offline/manual.  In 2017, TalkingPointz added a subscription newsletter. That content has been distributed manually by email. 

The new site brings it all together. Subscription content is posted (and notifications are sent by email). Subscribers can login to view and/or download paid content. The free stuff, such as regular posts and podcasts, remain unchanged. 

TalkingPointz now offers three subscription levels: Insider, All Access, and Enterprise. The first two are personal subscriptions which are at new lower, more accessible prices. Insiders will get access to 12 (monthly) insider reports a year. All Access subscribers also get those, plus about 8 deep dive reports.  The Enterprise plan is the same as All Access, and supports multiple user logins and includes downloadable reports for sharing internally. 

All existing ‘premium subscribers’ are moved to the enterprise level with four users. Twenty user subscriptions are also available. 

The new structure also works with blog posts. For example, some Insider report content may get posted earlier than the end of the month as an Insider-only quick-take post. It’s a new channel for quicker reactions to news and events. 

Current Subscribers: I apologize now for the required effort on the transition. New account information will be sent to current subscribers.

Subscription content is now completely integrated into the website. Enterprise subscribers can now manage and modify subscriber notifications as well as access older reports.

Free services are better too. The current plan is to make Insider Reports free 100 days after they are published. 

Please enjoy the new site.