Talkingheadz with Vonage CTO Sagi Dudai

by Dave Michels

I consider Vonage one of the most innovative providers in enterprise communications. It was back in 2016 when Vonage confused everyone with its acquisition of Nexmo. Wait, what’s a UCaaS company doing with a CPaaS company? This was so out of whack that upon the announcement Vonage stock actually went down. Not for long though! Turns out Vonage was on a mission to redefine UCaaS, or more accurately, redefine enterprise communications. Vonage doesn’t like labels like UCaaS and CPaaS (or CCaaS, and VaaS). The company is executing on a vision of programmable, API-enabled, cloud-native, enterprise communications. Vonage has made several acquisitions since Nexmo including New Voice Media and Tok Box.

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