TalkingHeadz with Tony Bates

by Dave Michels

Key Points From This Episode

  • Staying busy and finding fun activities during the pandemic and quarantine.
  • Looking back on Tony’s time at Skype and the sale they made to Microsoft.
  • The Skype family and the culture of creativity and innovation that were central there.
  • Tony’s start at Genesys; his early thoughts and evaluation of the company.
  • The timeline for Tony’s assumption of the leadership of Genesys.
  • Tony’s reflections on his decision to jump in — almost two years in and no regrets!
  • Stand-out moments, changes, and challenges that Tony and Genesys have faced together.
  • The appointment of Barry O’Sullivan to Executive Vice President of Genesys!
  • Alliances that Tony and Genesys have recently announced and how this fits into their broader vision.
  • Looking at the motivations for multi-cloud; fitting the customer’s deployment model.
  • The new employment engagement division and its placement within the Genesys cloud business.
  • Unpacking experience as a service — making customers feel like humans!
  • The evolution of personalized service and how this project plays into the partnership with Adobe.
  • Balancing humanization with the increasing role of AI — Tony dispels the binary!
  • Privacy concerns in conjunction with personalization and convenience.
  • Dealing with customers, looking at the abuse of technology, and Tony’s philosophy around value.
  • The current marketing strategy at Genesys and the initiatives they are exploring.

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