TalkingHeadz With Tom Puorro

by Dave Michels

Poly knows a few things about transformation. Polycom was a pioneer in enterprise video and played a key role in both the maturation of SIP and the transition to VoIP. In late 2018, Plantronics and Polycom merged, that’s two well established companies with an impressive set of accomplishments and engineering know-how. In the spring of 2019 the new Poly was launched. It’s been updating its portfolio at a steady rate since, and in the fall of 2019 Poly introduced the new X Series appliances at Zoomtopia. This was the first room appliance for Zoom (and soon after Microsoft).  Earlier this month, Poly introduced (and expanded int0) personal video equipment.

In addition to video solutions for Teams and Zoom, Poly also offers headsets, speakers, and phones — all of which are experiencing increases in demand. Suddenly, these devices are strategic, and organizations are looking at them through a new ‘lens’ that includes enterprise management, centralized upgrades, and systematic approaches to tracking purchased inventory.

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