TalkingHeadz with Jeff Lawson, Twilio

by Dave Michels

Twilio happened on my watch! I remember when the company was created. I remember meeting Jeff (back when he had hair can called Seattle home). I remember not getting it. I get it now. I think it became clear around 2013, and abundantly clear after its IPO in 2016. For this podcast, I think I was prepared with 15 questions. I think I got in four.

I can’t recall the year, but I had a meeting with Jeff right after he got his first batch of Twilio red runner jackets. It was the fall in San Francisco, so I was freezing. He offered me one as we discussed the future of comms outside on a patio. I wish I had taken the jacket. It became a prize, an honor, something that employees earn when they write their first Twilio app.

It’s been a pleasure to watch Jeff’s success with Twilio, and he’s not done yet.

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