TalkingHeadz with Javed Khan SVP of Cisco Collaboration

by Dave Michels

It’s impressive how much Cisco Collaboration changed in 2020. We can attribute some of this to the pandemic, but more of it goes to Javed Khan. He was promoted to unit SVP and GM mid year and immediately took action to reshape the division’s structure and priorities. The flow of announcements increased soon after, but the new Collaboration (also the new Webex) was unveiled at the December WebexOne conference.

Not long ago, Webex was associated with web conferencing, but the brand and portfolio has expanded. Webex is now Cisco Collaboration’s single brand for cloud-delivered, enterprise communications products and services. This includes applications, devices, and hints of emerging platforms services. For more information on WebexOne, See this TalkingPointz Research Note.

Cisco Webex has been around for a while, and competitive pressures have significantly increased. The option of retreating was presumably evaluated . . . and evidently rejected. At WebexOne, Cisco announced new features, a new unified app, an entirely new CCaaS platform, and new acquisitions. It certainly appears that Cisco intends to defend, grow, and cloudify its communications and collaboration business.

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