TalkingHeadz with Dmitry Netis of Q Advisors

by Dave Michels

I have regular discussions with financial analysts, and I really enjoy them. They look at the companies so differently than industry analysts do. Most industry analysts, including myself, don’t pay a lot of attention to quarterly results. Dmitry taught me to respect that more, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our discussions on trends and strategies. I met Dmitry while he was working at William Blair, and got to know him over the years as he tends to show up to events often  — events other financial analysts don’t attend.

I did a Stephens conference call with Dmitry, and he ran me through a ‘lightening round’ of vendors. It was nice to do the same with him in this podcast.

Dmitry built up a strong brand for himself and his employer at William Blair. He tried to do it again at Stephens, but that gig didn’t work out. I do like this move to Q Advisors. We had a prior podcast with the Q in Q Advisors, and I got to meet the broader team at their annual conference last year. It’s a nice group of very smart and what I expect to be very busy people after this pandemic.

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