TalkingHeadz with Cory Doctorow

by Dave Michels

This was a big deal for Dave – I’m a major fan of Mr. Doctorow. I really appreciate how he makes complex topics so accessible. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two Little Brother books (just started the third), and have recommended them to many people.

He crystallizes many of the topics on my mind. For example, my feelings on Facebook. On one hand there’s nothing wrong with giving the public a voice, but the system as designed has many negative impacts. There’s nothing wrong with successful companies, until there is — and we’ve hit that milestone with many tech companies.

I highly recommend How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism. It’s very thought provoking. Why do these super powerful and capable companies bother with smart speakers, thermostats, and doorbells – ah ha! It’s not that “you are the product” or that they have nailed the mind control ray, but it is a problem.

What astonishes me is how prolific he is. I simply can’t keep up with all his books and posts. I highly recommend his daily blog on

TalkingHeadz is available on most podcast apps including Audible (a service mentioned in this very podcast).