TalkingHeadz with Alan Duric of Wire

by Dave Michels

Wire was recently recognized in the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2020.

This is a fantastic in-depth conversation on securing communications. Alan has deep knowledge of  both technologies of communications and the issues of security. There’s a perception that most of our communications are secure, but most are not. In some circles, there’s even a stigma associated with encryption (what do you have to hide?). However, security and encryption are increasing in importance. Conversations are less ephemeral than they once were and touch numerous devices and networks.

Join us for this in depth and exciting conversation. Security and control are the Achilles’ Heel of cloud communications and the reason that might cause premises-based solutions to return. Of course, premises-based solutions aren’t necessarily more secure, but they give administrators more control. Wire is available as both a service and premises-based product, and its customers include governments.