TalkingHeadz: Sid Chimes in on the AWS Comms Platform

by Dave Michels

Amazon Chime continues to evolve. What started as a meetings app transitioned into an SDK and now delivers advanced embeddable comms services that can be used in standalone ways, as a means of leveraging other AWS services (such as Lex), or as a way to upgrade existing prem or cloud-delivered implementations.

The Chime SDK is the stealth CPaaS that lives within AWS. Typically, organizations turn to The Chime SDK to solve a specific need, such as push notifications, and then they expand into additional channels and functionalities as needs expand.

The Chime SDK is part of AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) that allows developers to embed communications directly into applications. Every business needs to communicate with customers through channels like email, SMS, notifications, voice, and video.

Brands using Chime include Slack, Reddit, RyanAir, HBO, and State Farm. Services facilitate messaging, voice bots, video/WebRTC, and predictive intelligence for personalization.