TalkingHeadz Podcast with Nidal of Avaya International

by Dave Michels

I have known Nidal for about three years, and have come to admire his relationship-first approach to business.  To Nidal, the sale of products and technology are a means to his real goal: a satisfied customer.

Technology may perpetually change, but relationships don’t have to. I feel that I have a special relationship with Nidal, but I also see that almost everyone that knows him has that same feeling. He makes powerful, lasting impressions. 

Nidal is an advocate for boundless innovation and teamwork. He subscribes to the notion that innovation comes from the field. Recent evidence of this can be seen with Onespace, a new solution developed by Avaya International. Onespace is a super-client that provides browser-based access to multiple apps for communications, collaboration, and workflow. Also, Avaya International is co-developing the new Avaya IX CCaaS — expected to launch in the Gulf region on MS Azure in Q1.  

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