TalkingHeadz Podcast with Mary McDowell, CEO of Mitel

by Dave Michels

There are only a handful of the original PBX makers that successfully transitioned into modern day UC and UCaaS providers.  It does not surprise me that Mitel is one of them. Mitel has an incredible history of innovation and reinvention. It was one of the first of the PBX makers to embrace VoIP, then teleworking, then virtualization, and of course cloud-delivered services. The company has expanded over the years through industry consolidation. Mitel has reinvented itself for over 40 years.

The Mitel of 2020 is, once again, a new company. Mitel has new leadership, it’s private, has a new conferencing application, strategic alliances with both AWS and Google Cloud including a new private cloud offer (Flex), and more. One of the things that sets Mitel apart from other UCaaS companies is its own hardware.

This this interview Mary introduces her new team, explains some of Mitel’s priorities for 2020, and what any leader can learn from Boeing.


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