TalkingHeadz podcast with John Hernandez

by Dave Michels

They didn’t have marketing clouds when I was young. It was exciting to learn about this new sector, and how a contact center pro like John Hernandez brings it all together.

This podcast was possibly the last thing John Hernandez did as CEO of Selligent. The day after it was post, Selligent announced that Karthik Kripapuri would replace John as the CEO. Kripapuri will focus on scaling the business and operationalizing the company’s strategy. Hernandez remains involved as an investor and advisor.  The official story is that Selligent is moving from its visionary stage to execution stage, and Karthik is better suited for this phase.

Hernandez recruited Karthik to Selligent a few years ago and has been in an ops role since December. Selligent’s near term strategy remains unchanged, including its focus to partner with contact center vendors.

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