TalkingHeadz Podcast with Antony Passemard, of Google CCAI

by Dave Michels

There is a great flow to this dialog, I think I will call it: Dialogflow. Also, the three participants sound really human.

Most of the talk about AI is hype.  However, there are two areas in enterprise communications where we are seeing (and expect to see) big impacts: AI-enhanced meetings and AI-assisted contact centers. This podcast is about the latter, or more specifically about conversational AI technologies that Google offers to contact centers. Google CCAI (contact center artificial intelligence) has been embraced by the providers that power the majority of contact centers.

There is a lot of interest and excitement over CCAI. It has two main categories: self-service bots that help customers get answers they need and augmented agent technologies that monitor the call and provide the agent contextual clues for an efficient resolution.

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