TalkingHeadz #6 Scott Wharton – GM Logitech Video

by Dave Michels

It’s Infocomm week!

Lots of video related news coming from Las Vegas. Evan Kirstel and I chat with Scott Wharton (GM of Logitech Video). Scott explains how a keyboard company can automate video — so much that you might be able to skip that next RightFlight.

I did not expect AI to play-out this way. Big companies like Google and Amazon are investing so much in AI, that it seems improbable that the #AI would be used to democratize experiences. But this is a great example – an AI enabled USB peripheral that can make a difference. As Scott says in this video, the tech race is on to eliminate features (through automation and intuitive experiences). RIP 100 button remotes.

Scott also reveals that Swiss-made couscous-clocks don’t keep accurate time.

Logitech news from InfoComm 2018: