TalkingPointz Research: Zoom and Five9

Overview Zoom and Five9 have enjoyed a partnership for several years. On July 18, 2021 the companies agreed to merge. Both BoDs approved the deal.  Zoom’s vision is best-in-class video and customer engagement from a single provider.  Rowan Trollope, CEO…

TalkingPointz Research: Room Panels

Room Panels By Dave Michels, April 28, 2021 The next big revolution in meeting rooms will take place outside the meeting room.  1. Overview In response to increased demand and low costs, 2019 was a strong year for meeting room…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with OJ and Simen of Neat

Follow TalkingHeadz on your favorite podcast app. Transcript Evan Kirstel 0:12 So Dave, we have a couple of great guests coming up in the video conferencing space. But before that all the excitement seems to be around social audio. And…

Everyone Get Back to the Office

Today was a busy news day. Kind of makes sense because last week everything came to a halt so we can watch the election. Without doubt, the biggest news day was from Pfizer. This story is from Yahoo!, but it’s…

Gartner MQ for Meetings

Gartner issued its Magic Quadrant for Meetings this month. It included 15 providers, three of which were declared Leaders: Microsoft, Cisco, and Zoom. Each has bragging rights. The three were clustered together well apart from the others.  It was a…

Zoom and #Zoomtopia 2020 – TalkingPointz Research

Here is everything you need to know about Zoom and Zoomtopia 2020. 1. Introduction Zoomtopia 2020 was a 2-day virtual event in October. During the event, the company also announced its Q2 results.  It’s been a phenomenal year for Zoom….

A Look at the Facebook Portal

I continue down my pandemic-inspired path of reviewing video solutions, this time with the Facebook Portal. I previously took a look at the Poly Eagle Eye webcam and the Cisco Desk Pro, there’s more to come. The Facebook Portal is one…

Forbes is Sensational

I frequently come across misleading headlines. Usually, these are from the shadier click-bait sites that are more concerned about total views than retaining an audience. I thought Forbes was better, but I came across two posts recently that were deceptive….

Virtual Analyst Events

Last week I attended the Zoom Analyst event (#Zoom20). This was my first virtual analyst event as it was for many others — including Zoom. I attend a lot of events, and conclude each year that I should attend less….


I thought Zoomtopia was a great event this year. A nice mix of announcements, entertainment, and education (good food too). The main take-away is cloud-speed. Zoom grabbed a space theme this year, but it’s not in orbit — it’s at…

Poly Analyst Day and Studio X Appliances (video)

Poly hosted its first analyst day. Well, first as a Poly, the result of the merger between Polycom and Plantronics. At this event, they introduced a new appliance – two actually – called the Studio X Series. Here’s my update…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom

It’s been such an amazing show to watch Eric start Zoom and built it into one of the most valuable companies in enterprise communications — in about 10 years. The company is focused on customer and employee happiness through communications….

Winners and Losers of 2018

2018 is a 12 month slice of time. In the world of enterprise communications, not much changes in 12 months. Each company has a few releases and a handful of major announcements. While market share remains largely unchanged in 12…

Do E-Boards Foster or Hinder Collaboration?

“I believe whiteboards are an evil presence in meetings … Simply going to the board and picking up a pen changes the whole dynamic of meeting ownership, agenda, control and creates a power-dynamic that is pretty hostile to collaboration.” These…

Zooming into Video

I forgot that I made a stupid New Year’s resolution about being more positive, so let me do that in this post. First, let me talk about Polycom. Last week Polycom unveiled the “Workplace of the Future.” Some felt I…

Selected Video Announcements at EC13

The show that used to be called VoiceCon has rapidly turned into a show about video. Below are selected excerpts from some selected video related announcements at Enterprise Connect. Emphasis added. Vidyo Goes Virtual Enterprise Connect, Orlando, FL – March…

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