Talkingheadz with Vonage CTO Sagi Dudai

I consider Vonage one of the most innovative providers in enterprise communications. It was back in 2016 when Vonage confused everyone with its acquisition of Nexmo. Wait, what’s a UCaaS company doing with a CPaaS company? This was so out…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom

It’s been such an amazing show to watch Eric start Zoom and built it into one of the most valuable companies in enterprise communications — in about 10 years. The company is focused on customer and employee happiness through communications….

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Amy Barzdukas of Poly

Such a delight talking to Amy. Poly is the newest, most exciting company in enterprise communications. I  have to admit that I didn’t quite get it when the merger was announced, but it certainly seems to be working. Both of…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Rowan Trollope of Five9

Cloud contact center is potentially the most disruptive sector of enterprise communications. It’s centered in a perfect disruptive storm of cloud computing, the adoption/implementation of artificial intelligence, and the increased capability to both understand and customize the customer experience. You…

TalkingHeadz with Vasili Triant , VP #CCTR Cisco

Vasili (shown here without his new beard) leads Cisco’s contact center initiatives for premises, hosted, and cloud.

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Praful Shah of RingCentral

Praful has had a huge impact on enterprise communications. With both WebEx and RingCentral, he arrived early and contributed to creation of very successful companies. Also, as a key partner, RingCentral has also contributed to Zoom’s success. Praful tends to…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Ilya Bukshteyn

One of the most interesting aspects of Microsoft’s journey is how the software company became savvy at hardware. Short answer is partnerships. And, the architect of the SfB and Teams room system solutions is Ilya Bukshteyn. Meeting rooms is critical…

TalkingHeadz with Bryan Martin of 8×8

Sorry for the delay in posting a TalkingHeadz interview. We strive for two a month, but that’s sometimes harder than it sounds. Perhaps all that pent up silence caused this podcast to come out a bit longer. Bryan is a…

TalkingHeadz with Tsahi

In addition to WebRTC, Tsahi is an avid science fiction reader!

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Alan Lepofsky

Subscribe to the TalkingHeadz Podcast on your favorite podcast player directory. Hear other episodes here. Transcription provided by Otter.AI. Evan Kirstel 0:00 And in this episode of talking heads will talk to Alan the paucity of Salesforce. Dave Michels 0:20…

TalkingHeadz Podcast: Michael Quinn

We cover a wide range of topics including the appropriate use of a gong and reasons to live in Amsterdam. Oh, and we also get into recent M&A activity including drivers and if any of it makes any sense. Subscribe…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Harry Moseley, Zoom

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Google – How Suite it Is

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TalkingHeadz Podcast: Colin Berkshire

Yes, it’s true. Colin Speaks.

TalkingHeadz with Mathilde Collin of @FrontApp

The Front story is fascinating. Front raises the question: Is it easier to replace email or fix it? Mathilde thinks fix it, and that’s a road less traveled. Even better, Mathilde wants to fix calendaring too. The Front App is…

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Joe Manuele of Highfive

The podcast was recorded before the big news that Microsoft was going to adopt the Chromium engine in Edge. So, we didn’t get to ask Joe about that, but that’s got to be great for Highfive. Suddenly, WebRTC has arrived….

TalkingHeadz Podcast with Jonathan Rosenberg

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TalkingHeadz Podcast The UC Channel with Todd Abbott

  It’s been a few weeks since we posted a TalkingHeadz. We try to queue these up more evenly but got hit with a last minute cancellation and then a whirlwind of conference travel. See/hear other TalkingHeadz conversations here.

TalkingHeadz Season 2

The first TalkingHeadz for Season 2 is What’s Next Jason Goecke? First, a few wordz about our new podcast format. Evan and I started TalkingHeadz as a video series. The first view videos were 30-40 minutes, and the feedback was…

TalkingHeadz Tom Schollmeyer

In this TalkingHeadz, Evan (Twitter and LinkedIn) and I (Twitter and LinkedIn) discuss the state of customer engagement with Tom Schollmeyer, former CEO of Serenova. Tom has also held leadership roles at Avaya and Five9, which came up during our conversation. Now back in…