When Did the Sun Set?

The story of Sun Microsystems is a great one. It has great characters (McNealy), great battles (open vs. proprietary, David vs. Goliath), incredible vision (the dawn of the, drama (the bust of the, and tragedy (the Oracle acquisition)….

Update on Mitel/Sun

My post below regarding the Mitel and Sun Sun Ray thin client described the sizzle in the perpetually vapor hardware. It would seem they managed to produce some hardware and deploy the solution in Australia with Audi. Here is one…

The Perfect Thin Voice/Desk Solution (In Theory)

About a year and half ago, Mitel debuted a fairly impressive solution – tight Mitel integration with Sun’s Sun Ray thin client terminals. There were two key components: The ability to marry the “hotdesking” feature of the Mitel 3300 VoIP…