Reselling UCaaS: Why This Model Is Gaining in Popularity

A look at how 8×8, Mitel, and 2600Hz approach the resale model for their cloud-delivered services

Pay Attention to Pricing Models: The Other Disruption in Communications

Usage-based models are coming, and there may be a cost or expense to ignoring it.

5 Reasons Why Chromebooks Make Sense for Agents

As we move the contact center from premises-based solutions to cloud-delivered CCaaS, we should also examine the agent’s device.

The Newest UCaaS Provider: No Wires Attached

T-Mobile partners with Dialpad to become the latest enterprise UCaaS provider.

The Next Big Thing in UCaaS: You!

As managers and supervisor struggle to monitor remote employee productivity and efficiency, UCaaS vendors are responding with built-in and standalone monitoring and productivity products.

Contemplating CCaaS? Consider These Issues.

CCaaS evaluations are easier when you start with some philosophical boundaries.

‘Viva’ Teams

Microsoft launches employee experience platform, with Teams playing a central role in this new approach to employee engagement.

Digital Transformation is Calling…You Must Answer

The real opportunities lie in business model changes.

Digital Transformation is Calling…You Must Answer

The real opportunities lie in business model changes.

Unify Office by RingCentral Lands in the U.S.

RingCentral’s strategic partnerships share many similarities, but the one with Atos has two major differentiators.

Content Moderation at Work

Many of the rules affecting social media also pertain to enterprise communications. Censorship, net neutrality, and antitrust are hot topics of conversation.

The Top 10 UC Acquisitions of 2020

From Salesforce buying Slack to Verizon purchasing BlueJeans, 2020 has been another notable year for acquisitions.

Evolution of CPaaS: Voice is Next

Voice-enabled services will be predominantly cloud-delivered from providers of UCaaS, CPaaS, or both. Let’s look at the evidence.

Mitel CEO Sets Sights on the Mid-Market

Mary McDowell recaps 2020 in this Q&A.

The Need for Speed in UCaaS

Automated testing is a critical step toward rapid innovation.

Examining the Magic Quadrant for UCaaS

Zoom joins the Leader Quadrant, alongside 8×8, Cisco, Microsoft, and RingCentral.  

Virtual Events are Unreal and Here to Stay

But there’s hope they will improve.

3 Ways Contact Centers Will Be Different in the Future

Soon, they’ll be missing three big things: hold, operating hours, and the PSTN.

Put Microsoft Teams Displays on Hold

It’s a logical portfolio addition that contains some clever features, but the software seems too limited.

Five9 Removing Barriers to Useful AI

Five9 made several AI announcements this week geared at improving and expanding contact center AI implementations.