Inside our new Reality: Musings from a Zoom Virtual Event

Company showcases an impressive unified offer that utilizes a single application on a single framework.

Poly Expected to Make More Remarkable Changes at EC20

Product launches and updates came steadily and frequently throughout the past year.

Journey of Becoming a Re-engaged Customer

Make customers feel heard and wanted or risk losing loyalty.

G Suite ‘365’: Google Finally to Deliver Unified Client?

Google is great at ideas, but tends to leave the implementation to others — namely, Microsoft.

Avaya: Rising from its Ashes

What to expect next week at Avaya Engage

Securing Our Communications: More Innovation, Please!

The innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2020 will feature needed solutions for improved enterprise security.

The Top 10 Acquisitions of 2019

Despite a slowdown in merger and acquisition activity this year, companies like RingCentral, NICE, Ribbon, Five9, Vonage, and others made several key deals.

Has the ‘Focus on Growth’ Mantra Come to a Head in UC?

With uncertain economic times ahead, some cloud-based providers have already pivoted to focusing on profitability over market growth.

Wanted for EC20: Security & Privacy Innovation

The 2020 Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase will shine a light on interesting new approaches to security and privacy related to enterprise communications.

Cisco Brings Innovation to Rooms, Desks With Latest Devices

It’s a phone; it’s a video solution – wait no, it’s Cisco’s new Desk Pro!

A Tale of Two Messaging Apps

With Yammer and Teams, Microsoft has two competent messaging apps. But is two too many?

Introducing Avaya IX Onespace

Avaya’s Onespace app is streamlining how employees interact, use, and manage enterprise applications – all from a single interface.

Humanizing Collaboration: AI’s Next Frontier?

While AI promises a world of sci-fi wonder, a new paradigm based on blending machine and human capabilities might be the key to the future of enterprise communication.

Cisco Retools Leadership Team, Embraces CC Changes

With a series of recent executive appointments, Cisco is gearing up for radical changes to the CCaaS industry.

6 Trends to Watch Out for in Online Meetings

As online meetings become ubiquitous, conferencing providers will need to focus on innovation, price point, and other factors to succeed in the future.

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Genesys: Try This App for Free

With single-click free trials for premium applications, Genesys is hoping to shake up the procurement model — lowering the barrier to test and buy software.

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Making Sense of Mitel & Avaya Merger Speculation

Perhaps this purported deal is best thought of as a merger, not an acquisition.

Don’t Count Dish Out Yet

With the T-Mobile/Sprint merger on, Dish has an opportunity to become a major cellular provider.

man on cell phone

Don’t Count Dish Out Yet

With the T-Mobile/Sprint merger on, Dish has an opportunity to become a major cellular provider.

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Privacy Matters: Enterprises at an Inflection Point

Our digital breadcrumbs are all over enterprise communications and collaboration apps. What will become of all this data?